Established in 2005.
It was noticed that clients were not receiving the full attention of their accountants / bookkeepers and in so doing, some of the work was not performed or performed poorly to say the least.
Taxpayers should always be up to date with the taxation affairs when it come to S.A.R.S.
And in so doing we formed AST Consultants for all those taxpayers that felt that they were not receiving their monies worth.
We strive to provide excellent service to all our clients in ensuring every effort is made to get the job done properly and on time.
Accounting is the process by which financial information about a business is recorded and summarised which can then be interpreted and communicated to whomever requires the information, usually your bank manager or the South African revenue services for VAT and Tax Purposes.
Bookkeeping, Annual Accounts, Management Accounts, Tax Returns, Payroll, and VAT are just a few aspects of accountancy and can be seen as confusing and overwhelming at first but AST CONSULTANTS are specialists and can assist you immediately.